"She's the one with the elephant logo"

Hi! I'm the photographer with the elephant logo....as you guessed I get that often.

As a photographer, our logo also known as a "brand" is like our label. It tells you, our clients, a little bit about us with just one little image. An elephant may be a bit strange for a brand, but I feel that it truly fits me and show who I am and and how I want to represent my business.

Travel back in time with me and I'll tell you about where my love with elephants started.

My first encounter with an elephant was when I was about three years old, my daddy took me to the circus in my hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska. Elephants are pretty large creatures, especially compared to a little girl but I had no fear. I was so curious and fascinated that I wasn't scared to interact with them. I reached out to my new friend, lettuce in hand, and instead of a little tickle from him trunk when he grabbed the lettuce (which I surely expected) I got quite the surprise! My tiny little hand inadvertently, or purposely who knows, went into the elephants trunk. Back out it came, slightly slimier then it entered. Not long after my dad gave me a yellow elephant stuffed animal, that I named Sabrina, and she became my fave. I still have her, although she's in need of a few surgeries to get her healthy again. That is just where it begun...

When I was 16 I traveled to Thailand on vacation and not only did I get to feed and play with the elephants but I got to ride one!! One little baby even picked me up when I was trying to get a photo with it! So fun.... want more stories?? Let's get coffee and chat!

I do have quite a few positive memories with elephants and it is part of the reason why I love them. But I also connect with them on another level. Although I am not Buddhist, I have much respect for spirituality and have a fascination with the concepts behind Buddhism. The elephant is strongly connected with Buddha and symbolizes power, wisdom, strength, protection of the home, fertility and good luck. An elephant trunk facing upward is a sign of good luck, hence the elephant in my logo! So... isn't an elephant a perfect fit for the logo of a wedding photographer??? Me, especially.

***TIP*** Scroll all the way down to see some nice little gems from my childhood. If you need a good laugh you won't want to miss them!


Olympia Wedding Photographer

Sarah Gonia Photography Logo designed with and created by Wild Hyacinth Design Studio.

Olympia Wedding Photographer
Chiang Mai, Thailand circa 1999

Chiang Mai, Thailand circa 1999

Reference: http://luckypath-fengshui.com/elephants-and-feng-shui-nine-ways-to-use-elephants-for-good-luck/



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