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When it comes to documenting the childhood of your kids there are several types of photography to choose from. One is posed - this is a very traditional type of photography and has been popular for a long time. Think school pictures!! Posed images can be taken indoor in a studio session or outdoor as well. Posed portaits are a great way to document your child's milestones and can turn out pretty stinkin' cute!!!

Big milestones are happening (back in December HAHA) at my house! I finally got around to taking some milestone portraits of my babies! Quinlynn turned two in September, Teagan turned four in October and Avalyn turned six months in November! Here are some cute little pictures of my babies that hopefully make you smile! If you have met these sweet kiddos you know that they are a pretty good representation of their personalities. There is the wild and Spicy Quinnie with a "Ba" (Pacifier) always in her hand, Avalyn with her constant smiles and chubby cheeks that make her eyes disappear when she grins and my sweet, giggly and giant Teagan. As an example of posed portraits, see these increcibly adorable studio portaits I took of my kids.

For many families professional photographers are hired once a year for family photos to put on a Christmas card but photography is so much more than that! Posed images with a flawless background are awfully adorable - and very convenient in winter months- but a more candid, lifestyle approach is really what speaks to me. Those little moment where my babies are concentrating on a project, learning a new skill, delighted with their favorite snack, playing dress up or hugging each other are the ones that I never want to forget. I love a good smiling picture and I do want some of those once in a while but the ones that capture the magic of their childhood at it's purest are my most treasured possessions. As examples I'll use my favorite images of 2016 and a couple irresistable ones from 2015.

Life is busy, parents, but no excuses. These moments with your child pass so quickly - it's easy to get caught up in life and put off photos over and over and then before you know it they are driving and applying to colleges. When they are tiny and sweet and just discovering the world there are so many little moments that your heart will miss so dearly. So get out your camera, or your cellphone and snap away.

For those of you that are reading this and shaking their head in laughter, thinking - "No way, not my kid, they are too crazy!" Hire a professional!! MOST kids are different with any other human on the planet than their moms. We've all seen it - we are at our wits end with a cranky baby and then a friend, or daddy shows up and they are smiling and giggling!! It's frustrating, but we share a deep connection with our kids that no one with ever experience so although they can be little turkey's for us time to time it's so worth it. Hiring a professional photographer can take some of the stress off of you when it comes to getting great pictures of your kids! It's part of our job - so sit back and relax and let's go capture your kids' personalities....don't forget to jump in a few too! Your kids will thank you when they are older.

In the end,  it doesn't matter if you choose posed or lifestyle photography - just choose! Remember, you have options and pick one or the other or, like me, a combination of both- what matters the most is that you do it!! Happy documenting! Call me if you want advice on great areas to take pictures of your kids, or better yet let me show you. <3

Happy Saturday! Have a great weekend and hope you get to spend some quality time with those you love the most.



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