Alex + Cody's Ft. Steilacoom Couples Session | Tacoma Wedding Photographer

A little rain.

A little sun.

Gorgeous flowering trees and lots of fun.

Oh, springtime - I do love you because it means that summer is coming and you bring color and beauty to Washington; but thanks to your unpredictability I don't miss you until at least mid-winter.

Washington weather is 80% of why I carry a clear umbrella (or two) in my car at all times! Fifteen percent is because they are so darn cute in portraits and the remaining 5% is in case a giant spider tries to eat us... or more specifically me, sorry clients. Don't get me wrong, I know they are good be cause they eat obnoxious pests like mosquitoes.... small birds and probably a baby pterodactyl if one flew by but they are just way too big around here!

I was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska and while we have a handful of spider varieties around none of them rival the chihuahua-sized ones that live in this wild and wet state. It didn't take me long to wonder if I was in Washington or Australia when I first moved here! Ok, seriously they aren't that bad.... although I have been known to run lighting speed through the house to the shower while simultaneously stripping down to rid myself of any eight-legged 'friends' that may be hitchhiking after I walked into a web.... OK fine, they aren't so bad, as long as they don't touch me. Ever. Especially not my face, hair, neck, torso, arms, legs or feet. Or clothes.

Ok, let's get back to Alex + Cody after that creepy jaywalk. As you can see we had some crazy up and down weather that day but we totally rolled with it and had so much fun exploring Ft. Steilacoom Park in Tacoma! Well... I may like Washington springs more than I initially let on! 


P.S. When session are filled with this much love, smiles and laughter I always leave with a full heart. Never let that love fade or the laughter dissipate. Those are two things that truly make life worth living. 



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