Elicia's Discovery Park Maternity | Olympia Maternity Photographer

Maternities have steadily become one of my favorite sessions to photograph. There is something so wonderful and magical about creating and sustaining a life and it should be celebrated. We all have heard, and probably used, the term "pregnancy glow" in our lives and in the beginning months this can be very true. Yet as time passes the physical effects of pregnancy can leave women feeling a little less like a fairy goddess and more like a turtle stuck on it's shell. 

As a mother of three I personally know how women can struggle with self-confidence as their bodies change and grow. My favorite thing about photographing maternities is to help expecting mothers to feel beautiful in their skin and there is something about getting your hair and makeup done and putting on a gorgeous flowing dress to do just that!

My second favorite thing about shooting maternity sessions is documenting that amazing period in time! Some day these babies will grow up and look back at these images and see how beautiful and STRONG their mothers are. Daughters will compare their pregnant bellies to the shape of their mothers. You'll be able to look back at the images and have all those feelings you were experiencing come flooding back! 

Heck, if every woman got maternity photos maybe new developments would be made on the old wives tale about whether boys/girls sit high/low! HAHA Only kidding.

Before you know it these moments -the little kicks and the uncomfortable nights will be a fleeting memory and believe it or not you WILL miss it. So document these moments... capture the joy, the anticipation, the wonder, the questions of their future, the love between you and your spouse and the amazing process your body goes through in order for you to be able to snuggle your sweet babe. 

After all, life is precious and the most valuable gift we can have or give so why not document every moment of it?

The cherry on top is being a Pacific Northwest Maternity Photographer! Just look at those rich greens and the soft colors of the coast. The PNW is extremely diverse and offers some breathtaking backdrops!



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