Kristin + Pooji's Steamy Motorcycle Couples Session | Olympia Wedding Photographer

Guess who is back on the blog today?!?! 

These two soulmates have been in front of my camera quite a few times now and it always turns out magical. These lovers share a connection that is so real and so undeniable, it was truly meant to be!

Kristin + Pooji approached me to do a couples session and they wanted to include their bike..... I said "NO WAY, that is the silliest idea ever." Hah. #justkidding I was all over that idea like my kids on pancakes!! 

Couples session - check!

Magical, crazing-in-love, couple - check!

Bike for sexy poses - check!

Sun flares - check!

Awesome urban, abandoned location - check check aaaaaand check!

A little shout-out to Kristin, too! Girl, you have the MOST amazing smile. It seriously lights up every picture and every time I look of these I can't help but smile too. XOXO