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Hi Friends,

Are you ready to meet with potential wedding photographers but unsure of what to ask them?

Your wedding day is very important and many moments will happen that you can't get back. Hiring a competent and experienced wedding photographer to capture all those little moments is a decision you'll never regret!

So, before you hire just any photographer.. get to know them, their style and their business ethics. Below is a guide to get you started in the interviewing process (a PDF version is also available so take it with you to your meetings! Download Below)

Tacoma Wedding Photographer

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Basic Questions

Tacoma Wedding Photographer
  1. Do you have my date available? NOTE: If the answer is ‘No’ then skip to the ‘Unavailable’ section at the very bottom.

  2. How long have you been in business?

  3. How many weddings have you shot? Have you done any similar to mine?

  4. Have you shot at my venue before? If not will you scout it ahead of time?

  5. Do you specialize in weddings? NOTE: Hiring someone that specializes in wedding photography is important because of the nature of the event. You can’t get those moments back or get a redo!

  6. How would you describe your photography style (e.g. traditional, photojournalistic, creative)?

  7. What do you think distinguishes your work from that of other photographers?

  8. Do you have a portfolio I can review? Are all of the images yours, and is the work recent?

  9. What type of equipment do you use?

  10. Do you shoot in color and black & white? NOTE: Now is a good time to express your preference!

  11. Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like done?

  12. Can you put together a slideshow of the engagement session (along with other photos the couple provides) and show it during the cocktail hour?

  13. Will you follow a shot list? Or do you prefer to have free reign to capture the festivities how you see fit?

  14. How long after the wedding do we get to see the photos?

  15. What information do you need from me before the wedding day?

  16. May I have a list of references?

  17. Are you the photographer who will shoot my wedding? If so, will you have any assistants with you on that day? What about a second shooter?

  18. What about backup equipment? Do you have or will you rent spare equipment if your main gear fails? What about a backup plan if you are unable to shoot my wedding for some reason?

  19. If my wedding site is out of your area, do you charge a travel fee and what does that cover?

  20. Are you photographing any other events on the same day as mine?

  21. How will you (and any of your representatives) be dressed?

  22. Is it okay if other (non-professional) people take photos while you're taking photos?

  23. What time will you arrive at the site and for how long will you shoot?

  24. If my event lasts longer than expected, will you stay? Is there an additional charge?

Tacoma Wedding Photographer

Contracts, Policies, Legalities

  1. What are the steps that need to be done to secure you as our wedding photographer?

  2. Will I be able to see your contract ahead of time so I have time to go through it?

  3. How much of a deposit do you require and when is it due?

  4. Do you offer a payment plan?

  5. What is your refund/cancellation policy?

  6. Do you have liability insurance?

  7. Do you have a current business license?

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Do I feel a connection with this photographer? Are our personalities a good match?

  2. Does this photographer’s work match my ideal wedding photography style?

  3. Do our communication styles match?

  4. Has this photographer listened well and addressed all my concerns?

  5. Is this Photographer as awesome as I am?


  1. If you aren’t available to shoot my wedding can you recommend someone with a similar style, experience and price range?

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