Trina + Jonathon's Romantic Spring Session....At My Neighbors House | Olympia Engagement Photographer

If you've been following me at all you know that I am a sucker for beautiful locations! Rattlesnake Lake, Franklin Falls, beaches, mountains, the ocean......! I have a list 10 pages long of all the locations I want to photograph a couple or elopement at (Some I will be checking off the bucket list this summer so if you are recently engaged message me!!! #shamelessadvertising but it's my blog so I can do that haha)

As a Pacific Northwest Wedding Photographer I consider myself quite lucky because there is no shortages of beautiful locations to shoot at. So, I spend so much time dreaming of and planning shoots in many of these breathtaking locations that sometimes I forget that some of the most beautiful locations can be right in front of you! Sometimes it's the side of the road (been there, done that) and sometimes you can't help but ask your neighbor if you can shoot in there driveway -  after years of ogling over it!!!

Meet Trina + Jonathan - they are fellow photographers from PS Photography by Trina + Jonathan. They met me in Lacey along with my good friend Leslie of One Thousand Words to make my vision of shooting in blossoms (at least once a year) happen! Wow, did it ever happen! Trina + Jonathan have years of marriage and four kids under their belts and still are MADLY in love with each other!!! Of course with that type of connection they could make any location look good but my NEIGHBOR'S DRIVEWAY lined with gorgeous pink blossoms was just PERFECT! Overgrown field across from their house was a bonus :)

So, when you are thinking about planning a portrait session, an adventurous location like Franklin Falls or Rattlesnake Ledge would be amazing and would surely yield some amazing images. BUT don't forget that there is beauty all around us and we don't have to travel far to create some epic portraits. For those of you who can't swing an adventure portrait session this year, this may be the perfect option for you! I've got endless ideas so message me if you want your own beautiful little session.

Trina's makeup was ON POINT for this session! Amanda at A Second Look - Makeup by Amanda nailed it!!

Oh, and for those of you drooling over Trina's gorgeous floral dress (like me) find one in your size HERE.



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