Studio vs. Outdoor Boudoir

When you hear the word 'boudoir', what comes to mind? Super sexy images with black lingerie and high heels? Soft and casual images with a romantic undertone? No matter the style, most likely you think about being posed on a bed in a hotel room or photography studio? Studio, or at least indoor boudoir is the most common type of boudoir these days, but it isn't the only type. As a Pacific Northwest Photographer I am always happy to take advantage of the majestic landscape we have here.... *cue sexy outdoor boudoir picture* and boudoir is no exception!

Both studio and outdoor boudoir have their advantages so lets take a minute to talk them through.

Studio Boudoir


  • Diffused light from big windows with sheer curtains which creates a soft, flattering and even light on you

  • Silhouette images cause be done as long as there is light outside

  • Can shoot any time of day and have -or create- good light

  • Controlled element which means you can shoot at any time of day, in any weather (which is convenient for us PNW'ers)

  • Soft simple images... or moody if you prefer

  • More private

  • Conveniently located in downtown Tacoma

  • I know I already said controlled elements but being able to shoot rain or shine is huge so it get's an additional bullet!


  • Lacks outdoorsy feel and adventure (not a con for everyone)

  • Limited background (instead of a waterfall or woods you're limited to whatever props you choose to use.

  • Parking can be tricky / parking fees may apply depending on availability

Outdoor Boudoir


  • Option to have moody or soft light

  • Great for adventure seekers because we can make a fun trip of of it!

  • Rain CAN be sexy

  • Endless locations to choose from!

  • Unique

  • Amazing backgrounds

  • The option to shoot in waterfalls or rivers

  • You can control the look of your images by picking certain locations. A wooded area with lots of trees creates a beautiful moody portrait. A beach can give you soft and airy images.


  • Can only shoot during certain hours (when the light is soft and flattering)

  • Silhouettes can be done but require more elements to work well

  • Public locations may be crowded

  • Session may have to be rescheduled due to rain, snow or cold weather

Still can't decide?? Ask about the special rate to do both!

Whether you prefer studio boudoir or outdoor boudoir is less important than simply choosing boudoir. As a present for your lover or a self-confidence builder for you, boudoir is an excellent decision for so many reasons. Be bold and don't be afraid to show off your bad-ass beautiful self.




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