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A few months ago, my friend Kristin - who sells Lularoe - approached me with an idea she had for some gatherings she might need my services for. Her idea was to put together some events with her Lularoe business that would focus of women's self-confidence and friendship instead of sales. As an Olympia Event Photographer I was curious and intrigued, as a woman with self-image issues I was thrilled!

I arrived early and helped Kristin put together a few "sample" outfits to get things started. Kristin had all her inventory out for the ladies to try on and some yummy snacks that kept my tummy happy - and fueled a month long addiction to candy cane Hershey Kisses. The focus of the get together was to have fun and find something the women were comfortable in and loved. Seven women, with all different body types came together and had a blast picking out outfits for themselves and each other! We laughed, joked, smiled and made neighbors stare while we took pictures on the side walk.... HAHA.

Kristin also had her long time friend, Julie, come show off her Origami Owl inventory. Julie is super sweet and has some great jewelry including a really amazing aromatherapy necklace which I am now a proud owner of!! To contact Julie about her amazing inventory click HERE.

Not only was the event a success but what a great concept!!! When I asked Kristin why she decided to put on such an amazing event, this was her response "Because I struggle with my own self image, I was fairly certain I wasn't alone in this thinking. I want people to put on the clothes, maybe in a way they haven't tried before. The clothes are comfortable, but I want women to feel comfortable not only in the clothes, but in their own skin. My hope was that you could capture in each of them what they don't see, but what the rest of us do see. "

I saw it, Kristin, I saw it!!! Each one of your girls are absolutely gorgeous! What an amazing experience from the brain and heart of an amazing woman. Kristin, you are one of the most beautiful, fun and caring people I know. Don't stop loving others - you see the beauty in everyone, keep showing them. I'm so glad you decided to make this a monthly event!

To contact Kristin or join her for one of her monthly self-love experiences click HERE or visit her business page HERE.

Meet Kristin! The mastermind behind the Lularoe Self-Love experience. Isn't she gorgeous!

Meet Kristin! The mastermind behind the Lularoe Self-Love experience. Isn't she gorgeous!




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