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On New Year's Eve I had the pleasure of second shooting Caylee + Jonathon's traditional Valley Church wedding in Renton, Washington -along side Tammy Dalquist Photography.  I had not met Caylee, Jonathon or any of the wedding party prior to their big day but after just a few short hours with them I felt like a life-long friend. Tammy spent time with Caylee and her girls while I was downstairs with Jonathon and his groomsmen. His bestie from college, his brother and a set of hilarious twins that Jon had known since diapers made up his crew and they were quite the bunch! Relaxed and joking with smiles on their faces, they were all excited to be present for Jon's big day. As an Olympia Wedding Photographer, I attend many weddings a year and I always enjoy a light-hearted bridal party that keeps me laughing through out the day.

After the getting ready pictures we headed outside in the church's little yard to take some Groomsmen pictures and of course some family portraits! Jon's mom and dad were fun and after many years of marriage they were quite obviously still madly in love! What a great example for Jon + Caylee to follow - so sweet! We even got lucky and had some soft, beautiful snowflakes falling for some of the images! I also love how Jon and his dad had some awesome matching socks!!

One of my favorites moments of the day is when Jonathon handed a letter he had written Caylee around a wall. They didn't want to see each other before the big moment and it was so cute because I could see the excitement and anticipation in their faces as they stood so near to each other and held hand through an open door. Tears glistened in Jonathon's eyes which of course made me tear up!!!

The parents of the bride and groom and other special people in their lives started down the aisle and a woman elegantly played the piano. They were followed by the bridesmaids who wore gorgeous dark purple dresses and carried simple silver lanterns. This is the first time I've seen lanterns instead of flowers and it showed how creative and simple Caylee's tastes are, I have to say it was such a cool idea and I hope to see it again in a future wedding!

Once again I saw tears form in Jon's eyes as he saw his beautiful bride walking down the aisle. Caylee's wedding dress was so simple an elegant and fit her perfectly, I adore that she carried one white Calla lily in her hand. A simple yet beautiful detail. I could just feel the love they have for each other and it was so special to watch these two lovebirds bind themselves in holy matrimony.

After the ceremony we headed back outside to take bridal party and family portraits and the mood was simply electric!! The whole group was full of smiles, laughter - and jigs! How fun! Outside we were posing and playing and snapping pictures galore but inside friends and family were working together to arrange the reception area. The church looked like an entirely different venue when we re-entered! Tables were Tetras-ed in and every table was packed full. So much love, friendship and support in one room is amazing to witness!

To Caylee + Jonathon, you two are so cute and so so in love! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day and looking forward to hearing about all the amazing moments and anniversaries to come. Congrats on your marriage!!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon + Caylee Bammer-Van Schenck!!!



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