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Naya + Betka's Downtown Seattle Couple's Session | Olympia Wedding Photographer

Naya + Betka’s downtown Seattle couples session was one of the funnest of 2018! Lighthearted and madly in love, these two are free spirits and wild at heart. We had a blast exploring the streets of Seattle; from daydreaming what the inside of the (below) cool house looks like to handstands and dancing in the street. Plus that sunflare, #amiright! I just love how these women’s personalities really show through in the images!

In a few months time (Yay, June! I can’t wait for summer) I’ll be shooting these lovely ladies again, this time for a wedding shoot! I’m super stoked to see the outcome of that and can’t wait to spend the day laughing and having a good time with them again. Stay tuned for more amazing images featuring these two lovebirds! Counting down the days!

Special appearance by Percy the cat. I have no idea what his or her name actually is, that’s the name I gave it.

P.S. I really want a pair of yellow pants now!

P.P.S This is one of my new all time favorite couples photos! Just look at their smiles!! They bring each other so much happiness.

P.P.P.S That’s a lot of post-scripting going on.

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“What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with”. - Robert Brault

"When the evening shadows and the stars appear. And there is no one there to dry your tears. Oh, I hold you for a million years. To make you feel my love." — Adele

"And when you smile. The whole world stops and stares for a while. 'Cause girl you're amazing. Just the way you are." — Bruno Mars

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Danny + Marcos' Port Gamble Wedding | Olympia Wedding Photographer

Danny + Marcos got married in the quaint little town of Port Gamble. The getting ready houses, church, park for photos and reception area are all situated within a few minutes walk from each other which was so convenient! Right in the middle of all the venues is downtown Port Gamble. With a variety of coffee shops, restaurants and little gift stores it's the perfect place to explore in between wedding events. The best part is the scenery! The Pavilion, park and guest houses are all right on Gamble bay, near the entrance of the hood canal. Nothing is better than a view of the water and the smell of the ocean!

I photographed Danny + Marcos' engagement session in July and right away I could see how special of a couple they are. Smart, funny, kind and 120% committed to each other! My favorite part of spending time with Danny + Marcos was the big smiles that appeared on their faces when they looked at each other. You know that big grin that you can't hide when you find someone that causes butterflies in your stomach at the mere thought of them? That smile you get when someone turns your world upside down and sideways in the best way possible? Ya, that grin! These two share a pretty special connection!

There is nothing better than finding that one other soul that you can conquer anything with!

Congrats Mr. + Mr Cuellar! Here's to many years of happiness, love and endless smiles!

Church: St. Paul's Church (Port Gamble Weddings + Events)

Reception Venue: Hood Canal Vista Pavillion (Port Gamble Weddings + Events)

Flowers/Day of Coordinator: Flora Blume Design

Rings: Sholdt Design

Officiant: Ryan Meeks - Eastlake Community Church

Donuts: TopPot Doughnuts

Caterer: Lora's LeGarmache Catering

Tux's: The Black Tux

Groomsmaids Dresses: Nordstrom Wedding Boutique

DJ: Gordon Sound

Personalized Cutting Board: Lee Six Laser + Design

Second Shooter: Meghann Prouse // Photographer

See Danny + Marcos' Pioneer Square Engagement Session HERE.

Danny + Marcos' Pioneer Square Engagement | Seattle Wedding Photographer

I can't believe Danny + Marcos' wedding is only TWO days away! So exciting! 

Danny + Marcos chose to do their engagement session at Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle because they have had many adventures in and around the area. They were preparing to move to the Midwest so why not capture some memories of a familiar and happy place!

Danny + Marcos were referred to me by a mutual friend,  Rebecca (thanks girl!) and I'm so glad they were! Individually they are both amazing humans; smart, funny, kind, successful, humble. Together they are magic! One thing that I love about photographing couples is being able to see, hear and feel the connection they have and Danny + Marcos did NOT disappoint! 

The way they looked at each if no one else existed...

The little gestures of love as they emotionally checked in with the other...

The happiness that radiated from them as they talked about their upcoming nuptials and thought about spending the rest of their lives together... 

I live to tell love stories through my photography and they have quite a wonderful tale to tell. I can't wait to join them on their big day and capture all the little moments that will make their wedding both amazing and memorable. Danny + Marcos, there will be many adventures in your future. May the love you share be the grandest of them all.

I'll end here with a few of my favorite quotes about love...

 “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

“In a sea of people, my eyes will always search for you.” — Unknown



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