Karrie + Zephan's Albee's Garden Parties Stylized Wedding | Olympia Wedding Photographer

Here's a little throwback to September 2015- A beautiful stylized wedding that was organized by two crazy talented photographers, Allison and Lori, and held at Albee's Garden Parties.

This was my first experience doing a big wedding event like this and it was my first stylized shoot. I loved seeing a new venue and working with new vendors, like Sugar Rush Cupcakes who made the delicious cake and Blooma Flora who designed all the amazing wedding floral arrangements! Also, I love so many of the pictures that I had a hard time narrowing down which ones to feature but looking back I realize how far I've come as a photographer. I was still a brand new photographer at this point and hadn't even opened my business let alone thought about becoming a full time wedding photographer. I love looking at these images because they remind me where I started and show how much I've grown. They remind me why I keep taking photography classes, attend workshops and practice new techniques as often as I can.

They remind me of why I LOVE being a wedding photographer!

When I think about my wedding day, the memories are a blur. There was so much going on at once, so many people to talk to and so much to keep track of that I have very few solid memories of that day. When I look at my wedding photos, it all comes rushing back AND I am grateful that my photographer captured so many behind the scenes and candid moments that I missed.  The flood of all these amazing memories and feelings is like having a little "vacation" from the routine of present day life and is a great reminder of how important good wedding photos are.

There is just something so special and magical about capturing all the love and raw emotions of a wedding day and solidifying it in history as a special little "vacation" for each couple. Add in the amazing summer sun, the dark green vegetation, and the beautiful landscape of Washington and you get just a few of the reasons I love being a Pacific Northwest Wedding photographer.

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